Fluid Power is one of three common methods to generate power the others being electrical and mechanical used in a myriad of industrial and everyday products. The term also describes hydraulic and pneumatic technologies which both use a fluid, liquid or gas, to accomplish work requiring power transmission. These systems may use various components such as pumps, cylinders, valves, hoses, fittings, sensors, filters, reservoirs and seals.
Fluid power seals are critical to their applications.  


  • Without difficulty hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders produce linear motion from a rotating motion without using a mechanical device.
  • Normally less space is required to transmit equivalent power with fluid power.
  • Not requiring electrical power, direction, speed, force and torque are controlled by simple control valves.
  • Fluid power may be used in gentle applications as well as terrifically tough tasks.
  • With components, systems can push, pull, lift, rotate or grip almost any work load.


Key attributes of fluid power include low cost, safety and reliability. This is accomplished with the proper type, size and material of the seal. PSP, with manufacturers strives to bring you the most technological, effective and affordable sealing solutions possible.

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